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Christin van Geuze is a well-known Austrian jewelry brand based in Vienna.
Founded by jewelry designer and painter Christin van Geuze in the year 2003.


Traveling the world and observing the different styles of women, inspired her to create 5 different collections, each one showing another aspect of women's beauty. The signature of her handmade creations is elegant and distinctive with a sense of joy that creates happiness.

The Christin van Geuze brand is represented on some of the most prestigious cruise ships worldwide, on riverboats and high-end boutiques, reflecting the elegant way to be unique.

Latest Arrivals


The Timelesss Collection

  • The most popular iconic two tone pieces

  • Timeless pieces that make a woman shine

  • Can be worn with either gold and silver jewelry

  • Easy to wear with any outfit


The Unique Collection

  • Unusual stones and material mix

  • Very different to what you find elsewhere 

  • Beautiful, special craftsmanship

  • Joyful color combinations


The Elegant Collection

  • Elegant color combinations

  • Very feminine look

  • Usable for many occasions


The Glamorous Collection

  • Unique artwork 

  • One of a kind pieces

  • Stunning look that immediately attracts attention


The Delicate Collection

  • Fine delicate elements are stylishly crafted

  • For everyday use

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Christin van Geuze tells her story in a video:

Christin van Geuze Jewelry tells her story
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Christin van Geuze´s jewelry is showcased on seventeen

of the most luxurious cruise ships in the world.

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