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Christin van Geuze

Born in Austria and currently living and working in Vienna, Christin van Geuze

selects high quality stones and combines them skillfully with rare and distinctive material

from all over the world. 

As an artist, Christin combines colors textures and shapes in a perfect way to create a distinguish, elegant look, which make the pieces of her work so unique.

"Experience the intimate sense of joy in every piece of my creations"

As soon as you wear jewelry from Christin van Geuze, her tremendous passion, creativity and exquisite attention to detail will embrace you and make you shine and smile from your heart

Christin van Geuze's jewelry is showcased on 22 of the most luxurious cruise ships in the world such as Seven Seas, Seabourns, Oceanias and on all the Cunards. You will find her jewelry items  also in prestigious selected high-end boutiques.

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